Increase staff productivity

Increase staff productivity
Increase staff productivity

Every business leader needs to make smart choices when faced with changes. This 5-step model will teach you the 2 most significant qualities of successful leaders, and how to determine your next steps. This 38-minute speaking seminar includes an introduction and a call to action!
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Handbooks Activities, case studies, and more to enhance Adventure Coaching effectiveness! Getting the Message Leave the Familiar Confront Challenges Return with a Gift Serving OthersmManaging Interpersonal Relationships Emotional Intelligence Participants Guide: This 45 page guidebook contains an assessment inventory, a convenient framework, case studies, powerpoint slides, and over 100 activities that will help you or your organization develop your emotional intelligence.

Adventure Coaching Intake Manual: This resource binder contains all the supplies, forms and contacts to get you started as an adventure coach.

Adventure Coaching Trainers Manual: This detailed resource manual contains the course competencies, course design, course xxx objectives, activities and all course materials used in the Adventure Coaching Seminars (ACS, 1-4 day) and Seminars for Coaches (2-day for those interested in becoming a Certified Adventure Coach.

Adventure Coaching: A XNXX Guidebook for Anyone in Life and Work by Doug Gray Adventure Coaching: A Guidebook for Anyone in Life and Work Wondering about your next adventure goal? This book is both a map and a compass. This readable, practical 240-page guidebook is ideal for professional coaches, managers, educators, parents, athletes, and leaders in all directions of life. Each page is filled with realistic stories, activities, clever tips from the worlds of business, family, career, athletics, and outdoor adventure travel. The adventure cycle has five steps that can help you or your clients:

Get the message and get moving Leave familiar habits or behaviors Confront challenges with confidence Return with a gift such as wisdom Serve others in your work or life Order your signed copy today!

Assessment Inventories Adventure assessment inventories are 20-questions each and lead to specific competencies that can be developed by you or your colleagues.

Leadership Development Services by Action Learning Associates
There is a leader within each of us! That belief is central to all of our training programs. After we determine your organizational needs, we design a program that targets those competencies so that we can assess our effectiveness. All of our programs are active, experiential designs using the action learning model. For sample program outlines contact us.
Program titles include:

Emotional Intelligence at Work Managing Interpersonal Relationships Improving Customer Satisfaction Change Management Leadership Development Creating Adventure at Work Sample Descriptions of Customized Leadership Development Programs Adventure Coaching Programs

In today’s competitive environment some of the most successful business leaders have experienced the benefits of coaching. Results have included increased revenue and productivity, career advancement, higher employee retention, and the development of more effective business strategies. Coaching is a learnable skill.

The adventure coaching model uses 5 proven steps to help you get the message, leave the familiar, confront challenges, return with a gift and serve others in your business. This program provides essential skills and models a coaching relationship that you can apply to personal or professional goals.

The 12 Foundations of Leadership seminar is a provocative seminar for leaders who want to learn how to make a difference and guide their organizations to higher levels of success. Using a combination of experiential activities, power point presentation, and group brainstorming, leaders are given the opportunity to deeply explore the many dimensions and challenges of leaders today and how to develop enduring wisdom and practical insights essential for growth in challenging times. Managing Interpersonal Relationships, or Emotional Intelligence 101

You may know from personal experience that you need to manage your interpersonal relationships with your direct reports, customers, or colleagues. Since interpersonal relationships determine 60% of the work place climate, and 25% of a group’s performance, we know this training investment will pay off for you and your colleagues. Everyone contributes to defining work place climate through daily actions, and this training is designed to enhance and strengthen how you perform. This is an interactive training program that applies recent insights from behavioral research that helps people respond more effectively to work place challenges. We use a simple conceptual model, an assessment inventory, case studies, and provide hundreds of practical techniques that improve interpersonal relationships. Each participant receives a participants guide filled with activities and information that can be used in any work environment.