How are you responding to change

How are you responding to change
How are you responding to change

Can you afford to respond in the same way?

Many of my coaching clients ask these questions daily. Perhaps you ask them too. I want you to embrace changes and challenges as if they were adventures. To me, the word “adventure” has only positive connotations. Historically, the word means both “to go” and “to arrive.” And the bottom line is that “adventure” requires movement.

Where you are now?
Where do you want to be next?

As a coach, I often use questions like these to help you determine what is possible, what is next. My experience, after coaching hundreds of people, is that the most important question is not “where do you want to go?” but “HOW do you want to get there?” I want you to be intentional about your action steps.

One action step is to purchase and read Doug Gray’s book, Adventure Coaching.

You will gain hundreds of ideas and activities when you read Adventure Coaching. I wrote this book for people just like you who need to get off the couch, get past their fears, or embrace the next adventures in life.

Recent readers have said:

I received your book 2 days ago, just in time to keep from resigning my position. Instead, I’ve lit a fire under my own feet and challenged myself to step into leadership! Thank you! – Juhl Drelick, Michigan.

Lorie Falk, PsyD and an executive coach in the U.S. Federal government said: This is the adrenaline book of all coaching books. Adventure Coaching gets you focused and fired up with energy to move forward in new, positive, exciting directions!

Don Mann, founder of Odyssey Adventure Racing and former U.S. Navy SEAL Special Operations Trainer said: Adventure Coaching is a must read for anybody interested in taking the next step toward living a life with more adventure. Buy this book today! To subscribe to our ezine newsletter click here.

You may be thinking, well, it’s just a book… how can it truly help me? There are thousands of great books in the universe. You need more than a great book. I agree with you. Coaching is a process, not a product. This guidebook will help you select a course, much like a map or a compass. But the real work comes when you work with someone else.

Another action step is to contact a coach like Doug Gray, or one of his associates for a complimentary session.

Coaching is a professional relationship, a contract that helps you achieve your goals. Like an athletic coach, I hold you accountable and teach you skills so that you can move forward on your agenda. Most of the time I ask questions to identify your strengths, resources, skills, or barriers. Coaching outcomes vary for everyone. If you were to hire a coach like me, what would your outcomes include? Can you imagine

  • completing a specific action, like attracting new clients or writing that book?
  • increasing awareness of your strengths and career choices?
  • developing more balance in your professional and personal life?
  • committing to specific performance goals as an athlete or professional?
  • practicing a new behavior, that will help you attract new business markets?
  • moving into a life of adventure? For a free assessment of your next adventure click here. To request a complimentary sample coaching session with Doug Gray or one of his associatesclick here. To subscribe to our ezine newsletter click here. Many coaching clients have achieved astounding results. Consider these comments:

“The business results of my coaching with Doug have been incredible in the past 14 months. I have better systems, more clients, and my revenue has increased more than 300%. I encourage you to work with him too! – Pat Heidrich, Sandler Sales Coach, Cornelius, NC

Can you even imagine a 300% increase in your revenue?

I am at least 60% more productive as a result of my coaching over the past 16 months. I am able to handle more responsibilities, juggle time and people better, and I’m much clearer in my head when I make those decisions. – Tony Azola, VP Azola Building Services, Baltimore, MD

Can you imagine being 60% more productive? Can you imagine adding your testimonial to this web page some day soon?

Doug GrayI specialize in helping small business owners, financial advisors, or independent consultants and coaches. Our services, incorporating the Action Learning Model include:

  • Executive and Business Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Speaking Engagements

If you are seeking information about other coaches I invite you tocontact me today. To request a complimentary sample coaching session with Doug Gray or one of his associatesclick here now. To subscribe to our ezine newsletter click here.

Adventure Coaching: A Guidebook for Anyone in Life and Work
Order your signed copy today! Wondering about your next adventure goal? Just in time for the holidays, this book is both a map and a compass. This readable, practical 240-page guidebook is ideal for professional coaches, managers, educators, parents, athletes, and leaders in all directions of life. Each page is filled with realistic stories, activities, clever tips from the worlds of business, family, career, athletics, and outdoor adventure travel. The adventure cycle has five steps that can help you or your clients: Get the message and get moving Leave familiar habits or behaviors Confront challenges with confidence Return with a gift such as wisdom Serve others in your work or life The appendix contains the adventure assessment inventory, list of activities, and extended reading list. The author, Doug Gray, is a coach, trainer, competitive adventure racer, family man and adventurer. So, what is your next adventure goal?

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